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Upper Merion Township
175 West Valley Forge Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1802 
Township Building Office Hours:

Please note some departments hold events and office hours on weekends.

Please click on a department to view more information.

 ADMINISTRATION DEPT.    610-265-2600  
 Kraynik, David  Township Manager  610-265-8722  David Kraynik
 Slook, Sally  Asst Township Manager  610-205-8538  Judy Vicchio
 Hiriak, Nicholas  Director of Finance  610-205-8541  Nicholas Hiriak
 Caramenico, Angela  Open Records Officer  484-636-3860  Angela Caramenico
 Bryant, Sibyl  Human Resources Director  484-636-3884  Sibyl Bryant
 Pimm, Allison  Chief Public Information Officer  610-205-8544  Allison Pimm
   Accounts Payable  610-205-8543  
   Accounts Receivable  610-205-8540  
   Business Taxes  610-265-2600 ext. 1211 or 1224  
   Sewer Bills  610-205-8545  
 IT DEPT.    484-636-3853  
 Widenhofer, Scott  Director  610-205-8529  Scott Widenhofer
 LIBRARY    610-265-4805  
 Arnhold, Laura  Director  610-205-4805  Karl Helicher
 Kauffman, Jeanne  Head of Children's Services  610-205-8546  Jeanne Kauffman
   Children's Dept Librarian  610-265-4806 ext. 1316  Laura Arnhold
 Davenport, Mary  Adult Circulation Desk  610-265-4805 ext. 1303  Mary Davenport
 Long, Denise  Adult Dept Librarian  610-265-4805 ext. 1306 or 1305  Denise Long
   Children's Circulation Desk  610-265-4806 ext. 1302  
 NOR-VIEW FARM    610-265-4229  
 PARKS & RECREATION DEPT.    610-265-1071  Parks and Recreation
 Russell, Dan  Director  484-636-3895  Dan Russell
 Chabala, GlennAnne  Assistant Director  610-265-1071 ext. 2204  GlennAnne Chabala
 Suyradevara, Sudha  Recreation Superintendent  484-636-3896  Sudha Suyradevara
 Vattimo, Gerri  Marketing & Special Events
 610-265-1071 ext. 1229  Gerri Vattimo
 Melck, Heather  Aquatics Manager  610-265-1071 ext. 1845  Heather Melck
 Rudzinski, Dennis  Program Coordinator  610-265-1071 ext. 2210  Dennis Rudzinski
 Hoffman, Sue  Program Coordinator  610-265-1071 ext. 2205  Sue Hoffman
 Andrien, Pat  Front Desk Supervisor -
 610-265-1071 ext. 2104  Pat Andrien
 Gwen Alvord  Front Desk Supervisor -
  Customer Service
 610-265-1071  Ginamarie Hoy
 Testa, Gerry  Maintenance Foreman  610-265-1071 ext. 1225  Gerry Testa
 Peterson, Martie  Secretary  610-265-1071 ext. 2200  Martie Peterson
 Kristine Ayling  Secretary  610-265-1071 ext. 2200  
   Non-emergencies  610-265-3232  
 Nolan, Thomas  Chief  610-265-3232 ext. 259  Thomas Nolan
 Early, James  Captain  610-265-3232 ext. 261  James Early
 Bird, Christopher  Lt. Auxiliary Services  610-265-3232 ext. 255  Christopher Bird
 Martin, Michael  Lt. Investigation  610-265-3232 ext. 179  Michael Martin
 Tees, James  Lt. Patrol  610-265-3232 ext. 180  James Tees
   Anonymous Tip Line  484-636-3888  
   Police Records  610-265-0383  
   Traffic Division  610-265-3232 ext.172  
 PUBLIC WORKS DEPT.    610-265-2606  
 O'Brien, Ed  Director  610-205-8501  Ed O'Brien
 Lachenmayer, Todd  Highway Superintendent  610-265-2606  Todd Lachenmayer
 Loeper, Rob  Township Planner  610-205-8503  Rob Loeper
 Serfass, Janet  M.I.P.P. Administrator  610-205-8506  Janet Serfass
   Matsunk Wastewater Plant  610-275-0688  
   Pothole Hot Line  610-265-8465  
   Trout Run Wastewater Plant  610-783-0848  
   Wastewater Collection Systems  610-275-1534  
   Non-emergencies  610-265-2608  
 Waters, John  Director/Fire Marshal  610-265-2608  John Waters
   Safety & Code Enforcement  610-265-2606  

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