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Laura's Lair

Happy New Year Upper Merion!

One of the best parts of the New Year, in my opinion, is creating new resolutions to work on throughout the year. Do I always accomplish them - no, but I like having goals to work toward and the library is no different! The library will be very busy this year working toward creating a brand new strategic plan!

What does that mean for you in the community? We will continue to provide quality customer service, excellent programming and resources for educational and recreational use, and we will also be taking a close look at where we see the library moving in the future - what new programs and services we would like to provide and what we need to do in order to achieve those goals. Although this process is a long one, I know that having a strong foundation will allow us to provide the community with the very best.

The library is also embarking on a large scale weeding project.  What is weeding, you ask? It's when we evaluate the material in the library and remove books that are out-of-date, unpopular and falling apart. This process is an ongoing one, but as many of our collections are at capacity, we are working on a larger scale to provide room to purchase and house new material. The great news about this project is that we'll be holding a used book sale in April with all proceeds benefiting the library.  You'll find more information about the book sale coming soon.  If you have questions about this weeding project, check out the 5 W's of Weeding to answer your questions.

The Board of Trustees, the staff and myself are excited for the new year to try new ideas, learn new things and partner with community organizations to create a stronger, more vibrant Upper Merion Township. Check out the library’s website for up-to-date information about programs and services!


Laura Arnhold